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Business Specialist Thomas Mikolasko Can Deal With Nearly Anything

July 15, 2018
To give you an idea of his high level of skill, Thomas Mikolasko has the talent, skill and ability to conduct negotiations with a number of counter-parties, at the same time he manages multiple teams of businessmen, lawyers, accountants and counter-parties. He is capable of all this because he has made sure he learned to do so, as the best way to execute transactions cleanly and efficiently. Besides the experience that earned him his business prowess, Thomas Mikolasko has more than eight years experience in the hospitality sector, as well as significant experience with restaurant management and operations. That experience includes the everyday management of multi-unit restaurant groups.

Thomas Mikolasko also has worked closely with principals to develop new and exciting enterprises, from concept development to business plan, and then providing competent assistance all the way to launch. This is because Thomas Mikolasko considers food and cooking to be very important; important enough to earn a degree in the culinary arts.

Thomas Mikolasko has shown himself capable of handling business and financial elements such as transaction structuring, and he also has the talent to be able to develop and implement appropriate systems and controls. He is especially skilled in the area of financial systems front, because Thomas plenty of diverse experience in finance, including such areas as investment banking, investor relations issues and investment banking, but he also has experience in the private equity space, as well, such as the time Thomas Mikolasko played a critical role in the structuring, documentation and marketing of Metropolitan Partners Fund II when it closed in 2013.